The Barony of Harkenwold is a broad valley just over 50
miles long and roughly 20 miles wide located between
arms of the Harken Forest. This primarily open land
consists of gently rolling hills covered in a mix of cheery
meadows, light forest with little undergrowth, and the
occasional thicket. The climate is cool and rainy. Many
small streams wind their way across the land, eventually joining the White River. These brooks are at most a few
feet wide, and small footbridges cross them regularly.
Harkenwold's total population is about 2,000, scattered across half a dozen small hamlets and a score of isolated steadings. Most of the citizens are humans (50%), halflings (25%), and dwarves (20%), with a smattering of other folk (5%).
Harkenwolders living in the countryside are primarily farmers, shepherds, or woodcutters. Denizens of the hamlets also include woodworkers, smiths, carters, brewers, cheese makers, and leatherworkers. The other villagers tend nearby fields or orchards.

Each steading (a countryside farm or homestead) features a strongly built house of fieldstone and timber, surrounded by approximately 200 acres of pasture land and cropland. Some steadings have defensive palisades around the main house. A Single extended family commonly lives in the house-two or three couples with their children, their older relations, and a few hired hands. Rarely do the total inhabitants ofa steading exceed 20 people.


Harken Village

Known simply as Harken to the locals, this village is the largest settlement in Harkenwold.

1. The Silver Nail. A respected taphouse.
2. Castle of Baron John Stockmer
3. Cliffside Brewery: The three Ironbeards run this fine brewery that sells ales as far away as Hammerfast and Fallcrest.
4. Old Kellar's House: Village elder of Harken, Kellaqr is an ancient dwarf who worked as a master stone mason and cutter for a century, building much of the keep.
5. Grimbold's house: Woodcutters and trappers, Grimbold knows the woods around Harken quite well.
6. Tower of Green Flame: A mysterious crystal spire rising above the town, thought to be the residence of an ancient archmage who long ago departed the world to explore other planes.
7. Harkenwold Trading Station: The major mercantile outlet in Harken, owned by a stout, oily little man named Rennis. Most mundane equipment is available for purchase here.
8. House of Faith: A large temple built by an adventuring cleric of yore, it has seen better days. Shrines dedicatied to Pelor, Moradin, Erathis and Sehanine stand inside. The current prelate is a kindly, middle-aged human woman named Sister Sondal.
9. Nonnie's Place: The doughy halfling Nonnie Farwhere runs this small inn with a kitchen and common room. "Aunt Nonnie" is something of a gossip and busybody and charges 5 silver pieces a night for room and board.


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