Dark Age of Nerath

Raiders of Tor's Hold

Meeting in Harken

In the south-eastern region of the Nentir Vale, the usually sleepy Barony of Harkenwold has recently faced trouble on its eastern border. Almost every night for the past week, the steading of Tor's Hold has faced raiders, looting pillaging and leaving behind only destruction. Luckily, no one had been killed, but Stockmer feared that it was only a matter of time. With most of the residents of the Harkenwold being simple farmers, with no military training, he decided that it would be best to seek the help of travelers experienced in facing the dangers that lay outside its borders. Charged with seeking out such people, Stocker's agents set out to scour Harken Village. They did not have to look too far.

Arturian Gallant, though he prefers the more common sounding Arty, had made Harken his home for the last few months. Although he seems most interested in painting the landscapes of the village and its surrounding forest, many could not help but notice the greatsword strapped to his hip wherever he went. Having spent more than the odd night drinking at Nonnie's Place, his military training had become a topic of conversation. 

The dwarf Gorram Kilthrok had also been noticed for his arms, having strolled into town only a week before, wearing full scale armour and wielding a warhammer and shield. In that time, he made himself known at the House of Faith, praying to the dwarven god Moradin and also at the Cliffside Brewery, sampling their famous collection of ales.

The gnome Frug had not made his presence felt in town as much as Gorram, who he had traveled into town with, preferring to spend most of his time exploring the nearby Harken forest. However, his skill with a bow had been noticed, at times seen carrying almost his body-weight in game back into town to cook or trade.

Beurre has drawn notice during his stay in town of a few weeks simply for being an eladrin. Most of the commoners in town would have never seen a high elf in their lives, being so rare outside the Feywild, especially in these times and so remote. His long visits to the mysterious crystal spire in the center of town, called the Tower of Green Flame, and the lights emanating from its windows, has also fed the rumours of his magical capabilities.

Only arriving in town two days ago, the Wood Elf Fantasia Galondel also marked herself out as an oddity. With a Wood Elf community living in the forest not far south, some commoners have had dealings with them previously. However, it was more her behaviour that was curious, making a point of not talking to anyone and spending all of her time outside, not even taking a room at an inn. Instead, she camped out, making wood she had gathered burst into flames at the flick of her fingers. Village gossipmongers decided that she must be a druid when she made flowers grow around her with the wave of her hand and seemed as though she was conversing with animals that came past.



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